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Blogosphere Calls Speculative Realism Out

I’ve been following/scanning the arguments regarding speculative realism, object-oriented philosophy, and object-oriented onotology for more than two years now. What I found most interesting about the movement, such as it is, is that the principals are active and indefatigable bloggers.

From my vantage as a not-so-talented self-styled philosopher trained in English literature, cultural studies, and media analysis, the SR, OOP/OOO people are jangling the bones of philosophy long dead.

There is no question we only have access to the universe through our senses. Our judgements about that universe can be brought closer or farther from reality. We will never fully be able to determine how close the fit between reality and our perception of it, however close or far we may be. You can forge more words in this hall of mirrors but a hall of mirrors it will always be.


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