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Deniers and the Climatologists Who Love Them

We know the deniers. They are our uncles and aunts, our coworkers, and postal couriers. They are our husbands and wives, our lovers and pushers. They deny global warming is real, that anything needs to be done about human contributions to greenhouse gases. We love them dearly and we don’t know what to say when they scattershot with claims like

  • The amount of greenhouse gases produced by humans is dwarfed by the amount produced by natural sources, so reducing human emissions is useless.
  • Global warming has actually recently stopped, and the earth is actually getting cooler!
  • The sun or cosmic rays are more likely the real cause of global warming.
  • Geoengineering is a more feasible way to reduce/reverse global warming than reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • And others.

Here’s how to respond.


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