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Waiting for iPad

Public and pundit opinion is divided on Apple’s iPad. The reaction to Steve Jobs’ portion of the iPad announcement was noticeably tepid. Some are saying the iPad is just a big iPhone, betraying the fact that they understand nothing about user experience. They also overlook the fact that the iPhone is a runaway hit whose adoption rates are increasing.

On the other side, some Mac faithful set their WABAC machines» to 8 years and 3 months ago and exhumed Rob Malda’s editorial comment regarding the iPod’s debut: No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame. Nearly a decade later and they’re still mocking someone for failing to predict the success of a consumer device». Even though the iPod was monumentally successful, the phrase “get over it” comes to mind.

For my part, I do think the iPad will generate computing markets whose vitality will surprise everyone, including the cheerleaders. I think the price points are good to start and suspect they will improve in models to come. But mainly, I’m really looking forward to using Aji Reader PDF on an iPad come May.


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