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Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Administration Responds to Protestors’ Concerns

Seaside High School teachers defend against charges of incompentence, protestors and their parents apologize, and the MPUSD administration explains transferring teachers is the best solution to meet Federal guidelines for improving standardized test score results as well as avoiding more onerous reorganization later.

Based on testing performance, the four schools — Seaside High, King K-8, Highland Elementary and Fitch Middle School — have been identified by the state as persistently lowest-performing. When schools are identified as such, they must be addressed through one of four intervention models outlined by the state.

If the district doesn't take action, a state trustee could be appointed to run the district. State trustees have been appointed in Alisal, Greenfield and King City school districts.

The Peninsula district has three intervention options other than the transfers, but officials say the turnaround model is the most viable.


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